There’s nothing better than a nice clean bathroom, especially when it concerns your shower. Did you realize that today’s glass shower doors are easier to maintain than ever before? Closet Works has three tips for keeping up your framed and frameless shower doors.

  1. Apply vinegar – Honey may catch more flies than vinegar, but it’s not nearly as good for cleaning glass shower doors. When the glass is dry, wet it with a washcloth and squeegee the excess water off. Then spray some white vinegar all over the glass. Then wipe it down again with regular water. to reveal your squeaky clean glass.
  2. Use baking soda – Use baking soda to create a shower cleaning paste. Add a little water to the baking soda, then put it on a cloth or sponge. This paste can be used to clear off dirt, fingerprints, and more.
  3. Try fabric softener sheets – Dryer sheets are another common household item that can be used to clean your glass shower doors. Take a fabric softener sheet and rub it onto the glass. This will loosen up grime and dirt. Then simply wipe it away with a wet squeegee.

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