Regardless of whether you have framed or frameless shower doors in your bathroom, there’s one thing everyone can agree upon: you want to keep those glass doors nice and clean! But what are the best ways to make sure you always have gleaming shower doors? Today, Closet Works would like to help you. Check out these helpful tips on how to keep your shower looking flawless.

Store your cleaners nearby

Every so often, you might find that your glass doors need a quick clean. Don’t lose momentum when the thought strikes. Store your glass cleaners in the bathroom so they’ll be close at hand. This way, you’ll be able to clean things right then and there, rather than putting it off.

Keep your glass dry as much as possible

Try your best to keep the glass in your shower doors dry. Moisture easily traps in grime and leftover soap, which can make your glass look very dirty. Whenever you’re done using the shower, be sure to squeegee all excess moisture off the glass.

Bathroom ventilation is important

Finally, put a stop to moisture and humidity buildup in your bathroom. Make sure this space is well ventilated. Run fans after you shower or open the door. This will allow the moisture to disperse and will also reduce the chances for mildew and mold growth.

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