Frameless shower doors are becoming more and more popular, in part because they provide homeowners with many benefits. However, if you’re thinking about installing frameless shower doors, you may wonder about the type of glass that will be used. As your local source for shower doors in Charlotte, NC, the team at Closet Works wants to tell you a little more about the different types of glass that can be used for your custom glass shower doors:

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass doors may look average, but they’re really two sheets of glass that are held together by a layer of clear vinyl. Should these doors suffer an impact, they might crack – but they won’t shatter. If you’re looking for doors that don’t just look good but are also safe, laminated glass doors might be the right option for you.

Tempered Glass

Most shower doors are built with tempered glass. While they resemble regular glass, these types of custom glass shower doors are very durable. The one exception is around the edges of the frame. To create such a high level of stability, tempered glass must be heated and then cooled very quickly. While it’s stronger than laminated glass, if these doors should break, the glass with crumble into many tiny pieces. Engineered for safety and beauty, frameless shower doors made from tempered glass come in different styles. Choose from many options including colored, patterned, cast, and frosted glass for your shower. Consider your preferences when making your choices. For example, if you desire more privacy, heavily frosted or textured glass may be the best choice for you.

When you need shower doors in Charlotte, NC or surrounding areas of North and South Carolina, call Closet Works. We’ll help you select the perfect set of custom frameless shower doors for your bathroom.