Frameless shower doors add a stylish touch to any bathroom. But did you know that you can choose from many different types of glass for these custom shower doors? Here are five options that the team at Closet Works wants you to consider.

  1. Clear – When you picture a frameless shower door, you’re probably thinking of clear glass. Far from boring, clear glass doors are easy to maintain and give your bathroom an open, modern feel.
  2. Frosted – Frosted glass provides a slightly opaque, yet smooth, appearance. Many people appreciate the added flair along with the extra measure of privacy.
  3. Rain – Rain glass is both lovely and graceful. The pattern looks like water has been splashed on the glass. This design is far from traditional, making it the perfect choice for the modern style of a frameless door.
  4. Colored – Colored glass options add a slight tint to your shower doors. Your bathroom will definitely stand out when you choose this.
  5. High-definition – Many people like the look of clear glass but want a sharper tone that highlights tile patterns and other features. High-definition glass does just that.

If you’d like to add frameless shower doors to your bathroom, call Closet Works to talk about our many options. Let us design custom shower doors that will make a lasting impression in your home!