Should you get a frameless shower door installed? Even if you love the style, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons before you commit. Closet Works wants to help you make the best possible decision so you’ll enjoy your shower for years to come. Here are a few things to consider.


Cost is always an important factor when it comes to any home improvement project. Frameless doors tend to be more expensive than other types of custom shower doors. This is mainly because these doors are heavier, with some running between 80 and 100 pounds. While the cost is often worth it in the long run, people on a tight budget may not find these doors to be ideal. If frameless doors are poorly installed or are unsuited for the space, they may be more prone to leaking. This is just another reason why you should only work with an experienced shower door installer.


Frameless shower doors can be custom made, giving you lots of control over their design. They also help defend against mold, which is one of the biggest selling points for this style. An added bonus is that maintenance for these doors is simple and quick. Finally, these doors truly add a stylish, graceful, and modern look to any bathroom. If you have the resources to invest, these may be the perfect glass shower doors for you!

If you’re interested in frameless shower doors for your bathroom, call Closet Works to learn more.