Your closets play an important role in your home. However, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by these storage spaces. What are some easy ways to fight the clutter? For starters, you might consider installing custom closet systems. But there are some other things you can do, too. Check out these six closet organization tips from the team at Closet Works.

  1. Decide what the closet will be used for – Too often, we use our closets as catch-alls. Limit disorganization by deciding what you’ll use the closet for. Will it be the primary space for your current wardrobe? Will it hold items that are out of season? Will it serve as a place to store linens?
  2. Find the most efficient solution – Once you’ve decided how to use the closet, think of the most efficient way to organize your belongings. Custom closet shelving, racks, drawers, and other custom closet organizers can help.
  3. Make the best use of space – Don’t waste a square inch of space in your closet. Understand that this doesn’t mean you should stuff your closet full of items! Instead, it means you should be smart about what’s going into the space.
  4. Remove seasonal items – When the seasons change, you probably swap out your clothing and accessories. Take out your summer clothes as colder weather approaches, then do the same thing in the spring. You’ll be better able to see what you actually have to wear.
  5. Remember the power of tiny details – Simple closet designs don’t just look modern and sleek. They can also help you save space. Pullout drawers are one example. They’re neat and they hardly take up any room inside even the smallest closet.
  6. Be practical – Try to be sensible with the amount of closet space you have. Put just enough of your stuff in each closet and declutter them regularly.

If you’ve tried these tips but are interested in something more, consider custom closet systems from Closet Works. Our closet designers are ready to show you how to declutter your closets for good!